The Habita is a part of the Sri Panwa Hotel, also designed by Habita. Whereas the existing Sri Panwa resort is solely comprised of individual pool villas, the Habita provides an alternative arrangement of 30 rooms, each with private pool. Each pool is located to provide unobstructed views from Cape Panwa over the Gulf of Thailand.

The site was a green area where many large tropical trees were located. Given the density of development required, it was unavoidable that some of these trees. The project concept became focused on how to compensate for the lost trees. The project aims to partially restore the equilibrium by incorporating meaningful tree-like forms into the architecture, as well as providing plenty of space for natural sea breezes to circulate around these forms.

The outstanding architectural feature of the project is the free-formed roof that bisects the body of the hotel, running from the road entry all the way to the pool. Its form is directly inspired by tree leaves, with the ceiling pattern under the roof reflecting the veins of the leaf.

The second strong feature incorporating the physical nature of trees is the masonry screen wall. The precast concrete blocks are inspired by the shape of tree branches. These screens are inserted into the hotel rooms, as if the rooms are enclosed with nature, while also providing the rooms with privacy.

Tropical vernacular architecture is also presented in the design, supporting the more overt references to nature. For example, in the order of columns that demarcate the approach to the hotel and the interface between column and free-from leaf roof.

Considerable attention is given to the sequence of space and the various interactions of guests and their surroundings in different areas of the project. For example, how the sea and pool view are perceived initially from the drop-off, then from the reception, the lounge, the restaurant, or even from the room corridor. These are essential parts of the overall hotel experience for the guest.

  • LocationCape Panwa, Phuket, Thailand
  • Date2016
  • Interior designerChemistri
  • Landscape designP Landscape