Sukhothai means ‘Dawn of Happiness’traditionally the foundation of the Sukhothai kingdom is considered as the beginning of the Thai nation. This location is therefore of great importance to the Thai people. The international architectural and cultural significance of the Sukhothai Kingdom is also reflected in the single UNESCO World Heritage Site that comprises Sukhothai and two neighboring cities: Si Satchanalai and Kamphaeng Phet.

The Sukhothai Heritage Resort is located near Sukhothai airport on the outskirts of Sukhothai, between Sukhothai Historical Park and Si Satchanalai. The Sukhothai Historical Park is a separate entity to the modern-day city of Sukhothai, and contains all the most significant structures of the former capital.

The influence of history, culture, art, and architecture of the historical park formed the design concept of the resort. Reflecting ponds, grass lawns, and brick structures are the key elements that combine to give the park its uniquely serene ambience. The layout of the resort reconfigures these key elements to reflect the ancient style in modern way.

The Sukhothai Heritage resort comprises 68 boutique rooms and suites and includes two elegant swimming pools, a restaurant, bar, and meeting facilities. These areas are arranged in a very formal overall plan, reflecting the symmetrical arrangement of the main monuments in the park.

After checking in at the open-air lobby, guests enter to central water garden court. This is a broad and tranquil space, occupied by two large pavilions, housed under lofty Thai-style roofs with a gentle inflection. The restaurant and meeting rooms are located on the other side of the large pond, opposite the lobby.

Guests then follow a cloistered promenade to the two-story guestroom buildings, located symmetrically on either side of central court. The two elegant swimming pools at the centre of each wing again emphasize the symmetry of the overall arrangement.

In contrast to the central main facilities, the guestrooms have lower pitched roofs and emphasize horizontality. This Wrightian language and orientation of the pools help emphasize the expansion of space from the center outwards.

The prevalence of still water, soft antiquated clay brick, and wide lawns lend a peaceful atmosphere to the entire resort. Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dining around the water garden. Or laze happily in the library or on the private balcony daybed outside their roomfrom dawn until sunset.

  • LocationSukhothai, Thailand
  • Date2007
  • Interior designerSon Design by Varavarna Na Ayudhaya