The Layan Residences by Anantara is an exclusive development of 15 private villas set into the hillside directly above the Anantara Layan resort on Phuket’s western coast.

Accommodating the client’s programmatic requirements (ranging from two-bedroom up to very ample nine-bedroom villas, all with pools and spacious living spaces), without effacing this otherwise untouched rainforest backdrop to the resort below, represented a considerable challenge.

Furthermore, we had to achieve this high standard of residential luxury on a site doubly constrained by steep topography and zoning laws, restricting the maximum building height to 20 feet (6 meters).

The building height constraint made it obligatory to use flat roofs throughout the development, and to locate living spaces at various levels. Meanwhile, multiple levels specifically undermined the expansive experience of space envisaged for such grand retreats.

We approached this challenge by dividing the villas into repeated componentsmaster bedroom, living and dining pavilions, and a fitness space with pool integrated with the roof. As well as benefiting from a panoramic view of the bay, which residents using the gym can enjoy, this space is illuminated by skylights set into the floor of the swimming pool overhead. The slope of the site was such that the roofs of these various components serve as outdoor living space close to the floor level of the component positioned behind, and on the hillside.

Each villa was then individually designed, with the respective components arranged according to the contours on which the villa was situated. A palette of natural materialsstone and timberwas used throughout. Athree-tiered roof motif, with indented corners, introduces a Thai element to the modern flat roof design.

Principal living spaces such as the living room, dining room, and bedroom components, share the same floor level along existing contour lines, separated by deck spaces and covered walkways that augment the connection of these spaces.

Extending toward the sea from these spaces in each villa is an extensive outdoor living plinth, accommodating pool, sala, ample sun lounger space, and landscaping. The slope of the site is such that the neighboring villa in front is set well below the vista of the bay. Green roofs further minimize visual intrusion.

  • LocationPhuket, Thailand
  • Date2016
  • Interior designerJaya International
  • Landscape designerIntaran Design